Jonel Earl - Choreographer

Jonel's early beginnings revealed a remarkable ability for all kinds of movement, as well as a fearlessness that helped her keep up with her older siblings. A successful young artistic and rhythmic gymnast, her desire for creative outlet led her into a dance career that included a summer scholarship at Alvin Ailey in New York City. Growing up with horses, Jonel found a natural fit with the equine-based circus, Voltige and which ultimately became the renowned travelling show, Cavalia. During her time in the development stage of the project, she built a proficiency with whips that ultimately led to 7 years as a featured performer in the tantalizing Las Vegas show Zumanity, a Cirque du Soleil exploration of our sensual side. Jonel has found the circus to be the ultimate venue for exploring all aspects of being human: An environment that challenges the limits of the human body in terms of strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance--but also creates with purpose and meaning, working with style and creative vision. Working with renowned choreographers, directors, creative artists and performers as David Lachapelle, Debra Brown, Bernard Gladdis and Marguerite Derricks, Jonel's love of the process has made her work with others evolve through shared inspiration.

About the Company

Exploring story telling through circus, theatre, live performance and film; Break|Contemporary Circus looks to dismantle the existing conventions on how we tell stories to create unique and exciting contemporary circus works that explore new performative practices, styles and techniques, in a distinctly West Coast fashion.

Cameron Fraser - Artistic Director

circus vancouver
  Based out of Vancouver, Canada, Cameron Fraser is a contemporary circus artist, with an extensive background in performing and visual arts spanning almost two decades. Cameron is also the Artistic Director of Escapist Entertainment, a digital media and projection design company. He has studied at the University of Victoria and Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Cameron's is a practicing artist in contemporary circus, digital media, film, animation, acting, scenographic design, theatre, and photography. He is an apprentice member of the Union of BC Performers, a Sponsored Artist, and a Guinness World Record Holder.  

Cameron has performed for both private and public events, gala's, shows, parties, and festivals in a variety of venues ranging from intimate shows on the streets of Vancouver, Canada to spectacular stadium shows in Chennai, India, in addition to assisting one of the top projection designers in Canada, Jamie Nesbitt. When he is not performing, directing or designing, Cameron teaches at Circus West, the oldest comprehensive circus arts facility on the west coast, located in the Garden Auditorium at Hastings Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada.